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Only meaningful when

A tax increment finance district is an economic development tool used by governments to encourage growth in a particular area. When a developer comes in and invests in a property, it raises the value of the property. It also encourages others to develop in the same area. Only meaningful when combined with the r switch. … Continue reading

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Warwickshire were

“Over 50 recruited athletes inquire about a sports management major each year,” said Jesse Ligo, chair, School of Business. “I’m looking forward to telling them the news that we not only offer it, but that it will provide deep rooted experiences that come with a liberal arts education, leading to dynamic career opportunities in sports … Continue reading

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The people there spoke

The people there spoke a tribal language, not Thai, so our communication was mostly limited to hand signals and smiles. I’d brought pictures of New York, where I live, and passed them around. One smiling older man showed us sleight of hand tricks, making us guess how he’d unraveled a tangled piece of string.. At … Continue reading

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Both eyebrows rise for that

Both eyebrows rise for that; Mayte won’t try holding back her soft laugh. “If there isn’t, we should make one.” Pass it on, we’re trying to drive F’dan mad. “Don’t worry about trying to make it interesting,” Mayte says with regards to the information, “I’ve read enough boring material that it’s nearly impossible to bore … Continue reading

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But the ultimate potential

But the ultimate potential of these chemical bonds remains to be fully explored, says James Dumesic, a UW Madison professor of chemical and biological engineering. His discovery of a new way to tear apart biomass is the basis for GlucanBio, a St. Louis company licensed by the Wisconsin Alumni Research Foundation (WARF) to use patents … Continue reading

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Assistant St

Assistant St. Lawrence County DA Becker said in an interview that “we prosecute people who smuggle cigarettes.” He declined to discuss the tax department memo but pointed out it has come up in other cases. Indeed, in a county matter involving a felony charge facing, who is charged with felony possession of untaxed cigarettes, the … Continue reading

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