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Aside from University

Adult entry costs and children Call 0844 8424647.Children can create their own T shirts at Maidstone Museum throughout the Easter holidays. The St Faith Street venue will hold drop in craft activities between Saturday, April 5 and Monday, April 21. Entry is per child. Aside from University options, Sheffield has a number of private student … Continue reading

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I hope to complete

I hope to complete the list of visiting every country and territory next year, but I need luck with British Indian Ocean Territory and Wake Island. Can anyone help? 🙂 South Georgia is one of my new favourite places in the world. Accommodation and transport are the biggest expenses while travelling but there are many … Continue reading

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Grieder thinks there’s a lot

Grieder thinks there’s a lot to brag about in her home state. A senior editor at Texas Monthly and former correspondent for The Economist, she’s tired of Texas’ reputation as a “rogue” state. Now, almost half a century after the Kennedy assassination, “there’s a widespread impression that Texas is corrupt, callous, racist, theocratic, stupid, belligerent, … Continue reading

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