Innovation and Quality

ROLKA`s thermoblock shutters combine high aesthetic, excellent function, safety and maximum energy conservation.

They constitute an innovative system of thermal block and insulation, designed while maintaining high standards. It is a ROLKA S.A. patented product (Register Number 1007274).


The main characteristic that defines energy performance is the energy transmittance co-efficient (Usb). According to the EU Energy Performance of Buildings Directive, the co-efficient in Greece should range from 3,2 to 2,6, depending on the climate zone in question (in Greece there are four climate zones). The co-efficient of ROLKAΆs shutters is 1,6, which is even lower than that prescribed by EU regulations.
Measurements of energy transmittance co-efficient and of resistance to wind pressure have been conducted at the internationally acclaimed German Institute “Institut fur Fenstertechnic” (ift ROSENHEIM).

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